A work in progress

Some projects take time to complete and the arbor garden is no exception.  I’m still moving things & putting compost in this area.  The process is taking longer because of the revamping of this area.  Here are some more areas I’ve somewhat completed thus far:

This limb has been sitting in my garden for years now.  I found it sitting on the side of the road when walking with my hubby one day.  I liked the interesting shape & thought it would be a nice organic addition to the arbor garden.  I dug up this area yesterday (including the plants) & ammended the soil.  It was very dry & tired looking.  Then I planted some Snowflake Candytuff that I moved from the new bed and some of the Sedum ‘Autumn Joy” that was originally here.  I cut the sedum back & divided it into several smaller clumps.  Behind the branch is a Verbena Bonsariesis on the left & a Monarda on the right.  Behind them I am still considering what to put here.  I need something yellow or orange to compliment the purple.  The Sweet Autumn Clematis is in the backdrop of this corner of the Arbor bed. 

This area used to have the Spirea that I moved up to the front of the bed.  I moved a Peony that was growing under one of the Nandinas to this area so that it would get more sunlight.  It’s never bloomed and I think the light conditions are the culprit.  If you enlarge the picture you will make out the cut back stems growing under the grid support.  This Peony was given to me from a neighbor who was dividing up a large bush she had in her yard. I didn’t even realize you divide Peonies, so this was interesting.  I’m not sure, but I think the color is a reddish pink.  I intend to move the daylillies (after dividing them) that are to the far right to another location and planting a red rose in this area.  I would also like to place a trellis or two on this part of the fence to grow vines one.  I’m considering moving my Nelly Moser & the Pink Bonita Rose from the Arbor to this area.  Neither one of them bloom for a long period so I thought of growing an annual vine on the arbor next year instead for a longer season of bloom.  Maybe the Cypress vine which I purchased a packet of seeds for last month. It is a mixed variety that has flowers in pink, red & white. 

This is the new open space under the ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea that I created after pruning it into a tree form earlier this month.  I have already planted several varieties of shade loving plants here.  This area gets dappled morning sun with afternoon shade.  I have the Gentian, Hostas, Ferns, Solomon’s Seal and a Skull’s cap Hyssop planted in this area.  In the upper right hand corner one of the Forever & Ever Hydrangeas is happily  situated here as well.  I had to prune off some of the foliage that had gotten burned or damaged and it is putting out new foliage as we speak. Some things just need a new location to be happy productive perennials in the garden.


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  1. I’m catching up after Ike stole our power for a few days and made a mess of our yard.
    You have been busy with all you dividing, planting, mulching. But everything looks wonderful – not a weed in sight!
    I hope your peony blooms next spring. I, too, moved one this year that had never bloomed. I suspect it was for lack of light as well.

    I hope the mess in your yard wasn’t too severe Cindy. Thanks, I’m glad you are enjoying the results thus far of my project. Thanks, I hope the Peony likes the new location better too & blooms next spring.


  2. WOW! You are making me tired just watching all the work you have done in your yard 🙂

    Thanks Mom, lol. Didn’t mean to wear you out in the process. lol


  3. You have been one busy gardener! Your hydrangea looks great pruned into a tree shape, and now you have extra space for planting underneath as well.

    Thanks Rose, I’m glad you liked the Hydrangea’s new tree shape. It did give me such needed shade loving plant real estate.


  4. I feel so silly…I kept looking at my blogroll and wondering what happened to you and why you were not positng…..well….crazy Laurie forgot to update your new blog address.
    Thank goodness I realized what it was.

    That’s okay Laurie, you weren’t the only one who forgot to change me blog address on their blogroll. lol Glad you remembered & stopped by today. 🙂


  5. You are going to have the best looking garden on the block. I can’t believe all this work you’re doing.

    I think Peonys are so pretty but they don’t do well here. When we get them in at work, they look good for a week or two and then start their decline.

    Thanks Susie, I have a tendency to go overboard when I garden. lol I hope the end results are all I anticipated. Maybe it’s too hot where you live for them. Hmmm… I have three and the other two bloom in the spring (around late April-early May). One is fragrant & smells divine.


  6. Lots of work, but you will be so rewarded when it’s completed. Stop and relax with a cup of coffee…come on over to my blog! 🙂 Cameron

    Thanks Cameron. I enjoyed my cup of coffee in your beautiful garden today. 🙂


  7. Looks good. I like that pruned up Limelight. Sometimes when peonies don’t bloom it is not only light, but planting depth. Here we have to plant fairly shallowly. These guys can be finicky but I bet yours will bloom next year now.

    Thanks Tina. I know you have the eyes clear around the base of the Peony so that it will bloom. I had that problem about 5 years ago with one of my first peonies never blooming, I dug it up & planted it more shallow hole and it has bloomed ever since. 🙂 I think this one is getting too much shade though.


  8. I was going to rest today, but after looking at all the work that you are doing…I’m inspired. You go girl!

    Take your day of rest Balisha. 🙂 I’m glad I could inspire you though, very nice compliment. Thank you!


  9. I was going to say exactly what Tina did about the depth of your peonies. In my experience, that’s usually the reason they don’t bloom (planted too deep). Being the seasoned gardener you are tho, you probably already know that. I have a Sarah Bernhardt that only gets partial sun and it blooms well. I’m with your Mom, you’re wearing me out with all this work!!!

    Yeah I had that problem with one of my original Peonies about five years ago. It was planted too deep and didn’t bloom the first couple of years I had it so I dug it up & made the planting hole more shallow & it bloomed the next season. Sarah Bernhardt is a gorgeous shade of pink! I’m sorry my project is making you tired, lol. 🙂


  10. Your beds really look lovely after all that work, and they should fill out very nicely next spring!

    Thanks Nancy. I hope all my anticipation pays off next spring. 🙂


  11. Wow! You are sure keeping busy! All your beds look so nice! Jean

    Thanks so much Jean. I like revamping in the fall since the weather is cooler. 🙂


  12. You have really been working hard! Do you plant anything for winter? I always miss my hostas and fern in Dec-Mar.
    This bed is always one of my favorites!

    Thanks Linda. I need to think about winter interest plants for the garden. My Nandinas provide color & red berries for the winter. I need to think about some other things though. I have bulbs & Azaleas that start blooming here in February. I’m glad you like the Arbor bed. It’s one of my faves too. 🙂


  13. I can’t get over how busy you have been in the garden this week and you still manage to find time (and energy!) to blog about it! I’m impressed! 🙂
    I can’t for next years pictures when everything really starts to fill in. With all that compost you have been able to get your hands on I bet everything is going to be so lush and beautiful.

    Thanks Cynthia. It is my passion or obsession, so it’s not like work to me. I really enjoy gardening & blogging has been quite addictive as well. lol I’m looking forward to next spring & summer too. I hope it turns out the way I’ve pictured it in my head.


  14. Yes, you speak of what all gardeners crave … better … better … better. Will we ever rest? Hugs for this great post 😉

    Thanks Joey! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there who is craving bigger & better each season in the garden. 🙂


  15. Thats really a lot of work that you’re putting in! I’m waiting to see photos of your arbor garden when its done.
    Have you decided what to do with that limb? It looks really interesting.
    That photo of your hydrangea … what time of the day was it taken? I’m trying to gauge the right amount of sun-shade that I need to give mine which is in a pitiful state : (

    Thanks Sunita. It’s my passion so I enjoy all the work I’ve been putting into the garden this month. The limb’s home is right where I photographed it. It looks more interesting when the plants start filling in around it next season. My hydrangeas get morning sunlight with afternoon shade.


  16. I like that you took the dead tree home. I have two tree stumps sitting in my back yard waiting to become tables of benches.

    Thanks Mr. Brown Thumb! 🙂 What a great way to bring nature in to your garden. I like repurposing found objects in the garden.


  17. I have a Niobe too. Well,last Spring it bloomed so pretty then it burned up and died. I was mortified. I thought OMG how could it be so beautiful one minuet and dead the next? So I went and bought another one. IT was in full bloom. So pretty! Then a few weeks went by and my old burned up one came back to life. It grew and grew and bloomed again! What a weird summer we had. I thought it was a goner for sure. I am so glad I did not throw it away. Now I have two!! I kinda think they have a reddish color. Its hard to get that in the picture though for me. They are so pretty. I didn’t know they were re-bloomers…lol Now I learned something new for the day(-: Thanks for sharing!!!!! Have a great weekend(-:

    That is exactly what mine did this summer Cindee. Got quite brown & crispy from the heat & drought. I gave up hope on them surviving but they are all getting new growth & buds so I guess they were just temporarily out of commission. 🙂 Glad I could give you some useful info today. Have a great weekend!


  18. It’s exciting to have a project underway, and even more satisfying when it’s done (or until it gets tweaked again). It sounds like you’ve got a picture in your head of how it will look.
    My Sarah Bernhardt peony gets around 50% shade. It blooms reasonably well, but not quite as much as ones in full shade. Mine took about 3 years after I planted it to get flowering.
    I can’t see the last picture, but it sounds like it’s going to be a lovely garden area.

    You know exactly how I feel NS. The tweaking is the best part. 🙂 I do have this vision, hopefully nature is kind to me & makes it happen. I know Peonies can live a long time so usually they don’t bloom until their 3rd year, size of the crown or something. Thanks for letting me know about the picture. I fixed it. 🙂


  19. Ok, I figured out how to get to your archives–I’m such a techno-idiot! So did you decide on the orange or yellow plant to put behind your purples? How tall do you want it? Maybe Miss Huff lantana? Daylilies? Lady Banksia rose? (I’m pretty sure I misspelled that, but I’m in the car with limited battery . . .) Let us know what you settle on!


  20. I love the stick you have in your yard! It looks very neat, I would have snagged it too! And what a great post, you have inspired me to get out in my yard and start moving things around 🙂


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