September blooms (GBBD)

Today is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!  The 15th of each month garden bloggers from all over the world post pictures of what’s blooming in their garden at the moment.  I thought I would try something different this month and post a collage of sorts of all my current blooms.   If you would like to participate please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.  Thank you Carol for hosting this event every month.  What’s blooming in your garden today?


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  1. The gallery is a nice way to showcase your blooms. You have a lovely assortment of plants in flower. Your hydrangeas are looking good, as does the phlox. The gentian is a pretty blue, and the obedient plant is a nice mauve. The toadlily is cute in its speckled finery.

    Thanks NS, I’m glad you liked my gallery of blooms today. 🙂


  2. You still have so many nice and fresh looking blooms! So many of mine are beginning to look tired and like they are ready for a rest.

    Thanks Cynthia. Some things do look tired in my garden too, such as the Blackeyed Susan that has gone to seed. 🙂


  3. I have to say the Knockout Rose is the favourite, I tend to fall for names and the style of the flowers as well as the colour would make it perfect in my (imagined) rose garden. Roses don’t fare well indoors, I think – or perhaps I should try them out? 🙂

    Thanks Rosengeranium. Knockout Roses are so easy to grow & they just bloom and bloom all season long until the first hard frost. They are definitely an outdoor kind of plant. 🙂


  4. As soon as I saw that toadlily, it reminded me that mine is planted in an out of the way location, and I need to go look for it to see if it is blooming. It generally is the last “new bloom” in my garden. I do like the way you’ve shown your blooms in a collage like that.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

    I always forget about my Toadlilly too Carol. lol It is one of my last blooms, but there is one more I’m waiting for now. I’m glad you enjoyed my collage gallery.


  5. Everything looks really good in your garden. I want to try the Angelonia next year. I have heard such good things about it.

    Thanks Linda. Your garden looks great too! That Angelonia has been one outstanding plant this year for me. It has bloomed nonstop from May until now & is still going. They had a white one too, but I really love purple. 🙂


  6. Posted by fairegarden on September 15, 2008 at 7:58 am

    Hi Raquel? That is a great way to show people your blooms. Your garden and your blog look great. ;->

    Hi Frances. It’s Racquel. I decided I might as well go with my real name. lol I’m glad you enjoyed the gallery of blooms today.


  7. Now I have to go see what’s blooming and post. Thanks for sharing this event. Nice blooms you have going!

    Thanks Darla, you had nice blooms too. I already visited & commented this morning. 🙂


  8. Like Frances, I saw the Racquel right away too. Why did you decide to go with your real name now? I do like the collage too. That Gentian looks great and I am debating on getting obedient plant. Will a pot contain it or does it self seed?

    Hi Tina! I just decided it was easier since most people on here do use their real names. 😉 I only went with PG or PGL because my name is usually hard for most people to spell or pronounce. I’m glad you liked the collage, that is one of the great features of WordPress. I just got the Gentian yesterday at Lowe’s. 🙂 It is suppose to be an annual but after some research it could be a perennial in my zone 7b garden. We’ll see. A pot contains Obedient Plant quite well Tina. I’ve never had it reseed in my garden. It rampantly spreads through underground runners & the pot contains that.


  9. Beautiful blooms! I love your display. I have agastache ‘purple haze’ and it looks like your ‘black adder’, which I have on my wish list. Hmmm….is mine mislabeled? I’ve not seen ‘white giant’ and I’d love to find one of those…must go shopping! 🙂 Cameron

    Thanks Cameron, I’m glad you liked the way I displayed my blooms today. Wouldn’t surprise me if yours was mislabeled. It happens to me too. 🙂 The White Giant was suppose to be Purple Giant which I got at a native plant sale.


  10. Isn’t Angelonia the best annual? This is the first year I’ve grown it & I put some in my mom’s garden. She loves it too. I also grow Solidago ‘Fireworks,’ but yours looks much cooler than mine. I feel I need to warn you that your Toadlily looks like one of those with a new disease. Please check out this post & the article linked therein:

    Yes it is MMD. I just found your comment because it got spammed. Thanks, I will check out the link about the Toadlily.


  11. I’d never seen a gentian before. It’s lovely. Don’t you love knockout roses? We’ve got fifteen in our yard and hope to add more. They are one of the two best types to grow in Central Texas.

    And your photo display is terrific!

    Thank you P. Price. I had never seen a Gentrian before yesterday, I found it at my local Lowe’s. It’s a fall blooming plant that was labeled as an annual but after much research might be a perennial in my zone 7b garden. 🙂 The flowers are a deep blue which I couldn’t quite capture on camera. Knockout’s are fabulous roses for landscaping, they just keep on blooming all season long right up till the first hard frost. I have four of the original red singles but would love to add some of the other colors & doubles too. They don’t might the heat, drought or humidity so you’re right they are perfect for your Texas garden. I’m glad you liked the photo display today & thanks for visiting!


  12. WOW! Love all the blooms you have in September daughter, and like how you arranged them.

    Thanks Mom! I’m glad you like my collage of blooms today. 🙂


  13. Hi, Racquel–I really like the layout. That’s so funny–I just bought those little gentian plants, too (but mine aren’t in the ground yet). And my Knock Out has only a couple of blossoms on it right now–I didn’t use Miraclge Gro this year and I did notice fewer blooms–I don’t think I gave the plants enough food trying to do it all organically. Anyway, a wonderful display–it’s great comparing notes with someone who lives nearby!

    Hi Cosmo! Thanks, I’m glad you like the layout. I’ve never grown Gentian before, so it will be interesting to see if it actually an annual or not. I give my Knockouts a scoop of slow release granules in the spring & that’s it. It is nice to see what is growing in your garden, because I know I can grow it too under the right light conditions of course. 🙂


  14. R,
    I like the format you’re using to show your blooms! I’ve a new WP blog in the works myself. The Hyssop is lovely; I have one with lime colored leaves (memory!). The toad lily, aren’t they interesting blooms, I just bought one and am terribly excited to see how it fairs in the garden. What are your recommendations? Terrific bloom day post! Gail

    Thanks Gail. That is one of the benefits of WordPress, the gallery of pictures. Can’t wait to see your new WP blog. 🙂 Is your’s possibly Golden Jubilee? I’ve grown that variety before, unfortunately when I moved it to a new location a few years back it didn’t survive. I know Toadlillies like shade. Mine is getting morning sun w/afternoon dry shade. It does prefer a moist location but it seems to be quite adaptable to most situations. I just give it a little extra water by hand when it starts to bud up in the fall. I’m glad you enjoyed the post today.


  15. PG, your blooms are realy pretty, makes me a bit envious. Most of mine are gone now and just waiting on mor mums. I do love he Forever hydrangea though. I’m putting a pink one on my wish list. And of course that toad lily is wonderful!

    Thank you Beckie. I’m glad you like my blooms today. Just be sure to give your Forever Hydrangea some shade. I moved mine into part sun location and their happier. They get dappled morning sun & afternoon shade. The toad lilly has been in my garden for years now and is pretty easy for a shade perennial.


  16. my, what I, I mean EYE candy!

    Glad I could provide you some pretty “Eye Candy” today Carla. 🙂


  17. We learned about purple gentians in grade school.I haven’t seen them for years. I love your display of photos.

    Really? I’ve never heard of them, let alone grown them before Balisha. The tag says annual but on further research it says hardy zones 7-9 in one book & 6-9 in another. So we’ll see. Thanks, I’m glad you liked my little collage of photos today.


  18. I like your collage format too. I always forget GBBD, I don’t know why??? Thanks for sharing all your beautiful blooms. Your new plant (Gentian) looks interesting ~ I hope it is a perennial for you!

    Thanks Kathleen. I’m glad you liked my collage of blooms today. I had to write it on the calender this month so I wouldn’t forget it. lol I hope Gentian ends up being a perennial too. 🙂


  19. A great bloom day collage…silly me, I forgot it was bloom day! Well I did manage a representative post anyways :-). Liking the new blog format and the little IP pictures for comments (or whatever they’re called).

    Thanks Chris. I don’t think you were the only one who forgot about Bloom Day. lol I’m going to go check out your blog post. I’m glad you like my new blog format, WordPress has some nice features too. There are things I like about both Blogger & WordPress I guess.


  20. I like this format–it really shows off each plant. You have some plants I haven’t seen anywhere else–the hyssop and the gentian, for example. But I think I might have the same “unknown” clematis as you:)
    You have been very busy–your new flowerbeds are beautiful!

    Thanks Rose, I’m glad you like the collage of blooms today. The Gentian is new to me too. I found it yesterday at Lowe’s while shopping for some pansies for the containers. 🙂 I wish we knew the unknown Clematis’s name. I’m still working away at the garden.


  21. Beautiful blooms PGL! Sweet Autumn clematis is one of my favorite plants. The fragrant snowstorm of blooms is so worth waiting for.

    I love the ‘Fireworks’ goldenrod. It’s weeping habit is so graceful looking.

    I’ve never seen that white hyssop. Very pretty!

    Thanks Linda, I’m glad you enjoyed all my blooms today. SAC is a beauty, but rampant in my garden. It has a fantastic scent though, which is why it stays. 🙂 Fireworks is very pretty & the butterflies are crazy about it. The White Hyssop was purchased at a Native Plant Sale here locally, it was suppose to be the Giant Purple Hyssop. 🙂


  22. Like Carol, I forgot my toad lily! I’ll have to sneak out and see if it’s blooming. Mime is all white, but I really like yours.

    For Gail, could your agastache be Golden Jubilee? Mine has lime leaves and purple flowers.

    Thank you for sharing your flowers – I liked the gallery, and it was nice to see all you have blooming. We have some of the same things, but many of mine are already done. 😦

    Thanks Kim! I bet your Toadlilly is lovely too, I’ve never seen a white one before. I think it is a Golden Jubilee that Gail has too. You are very welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed the collage of blooms today.


  23. Posted by greenwalks on September 16, 2008 at 1:08 am

    Looks fab! I don’t know if I will ever get around to doing this thing on the 15th… and by the 15th of next month, nothing will be blooming! Oh well, maybe next year. Thanks for making the effort!

    Thanks! I think alot of people forgot GBBD this month.


  24. Very nice set of blooms.

    Thanks Deb, I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms. 🙂


  25. No new post today? I miss it. When you came over to my blog I got panicked as I did not remember commenting on here then it dawned on me, no new post today. Taking a break? Hope you come back soon!

    Just been busy working in the garden today. It’s in the 70’s, cloudy & rainy for the rest of the week & I’m taking this opportunity to move some things like those darn Forever & Ever Hydrangeas to more ideal locations. I was so tired yesterday that I couldn’t muster the energy to put my post together. I have an update on the work I’m doing.


  26. Great blooms – and a great way of displaying them, I thought I had left a comment already – but it must have been my imagination.
    Your Gentian looks particularly lovely.

    Thanks Karen. I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms. That’s okay, I forget sometimes if I left a comment on someone’s blog or not too. 🙂 The Gentian is something new to me so it will be interesting to see if it is actually a perennial or not.


  27. All of your blooms look great! I really love the display too. It’s so nice to see all the assortment.

    Thanks DP, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms. 🙂


  28. Beautiful blooms and the collage is a great idea. I especially love the hydrangea and the toad lily.
    This layout is nice and Racquel is a lovely name. I’d often wondered what your first name would be. Glad to know.

    Thank you Kanak. I’m glad you like the collage of blooms idea. The Hydrangea & Toad Lily are two of my faves too. 🙂 When I first start blogging I wasn’t sure about using my first name and now since most people do I figured what the heck. 🙂 Thank you for the compliment. How sweet!


  29. Hi there, my name is Gloria from pollinators-welcome. Great blooms and an interesting blog. I should have read the comments before jumping in with questions on the individual plants what with the gentian being an annual in cold climates.Zone 5 here in Chicago would certainly kill off a tender perennial and we use few annuals. Very pretty though. Have you tried the tall bottled gentian?

    Hi Gloria, thanks for visiting for GBBD. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog today. I’ve never tried Gentian before, it’s new to me. 🙂


  30. Lovely photos. I particularly like the toad lily.

    Thank you, and thanks for visiting today. 🙂


  31. Hi there Racquel, what a neat display for bloom day 😀

    My favs have to be the toad lily and the gentian. What a nice shade of blue the gentian is 😀

    Although on the late side, once again, my post is up now too if you want to hear about it 😀

    Thanks Shirl. I really enjoyed your GBBD post too! It was nice hearing a voice, very creative approach. 🙂


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