A living garden ornament

This is my little terrier Spaz’s favorite spot to sit in the garden.  She has full view of the entire yard from this spot and can make sure the squirrels & birds mind their p & q’s.  lol  When I was watering yesterday I noticed how still she was sitting and had to take her picture.  She looked like a little statue and believe me she doesn’t normally sit still very long.  🙂  That Jack Russell in her keeps us bouncing most of the time.  Do you have pets that keep you entertained while gardening?  It makes life interesting to say the least.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  I have alot more mulch to lay so I will be a busy, busy bee.


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  1. Between the Shibaboyz and Hera, the cat, we always have plenty of “help” in the garden.

    I know you guyz have lots of garden helpers! I don’t see how you all manuever around that jam-packed garden of yours. 🙂


  2. Posted by fairegarden on September 13, 2008 at 5:49 am

    Hi PGL, what a perfect garden statue sitting in her best vantage point. I hope those squirrels respect your authority!

    Thanks Frances, she thinks if she sits really still they won’t notice her. lol


  3. Posted by fairegarden on September 13, 2008 at 5:50 am

    That should have read HER authority. Sigh. Too early yet and the coffee hasn’t kicked in. Better not try and fix the font code yet! LOL Don’t work too hard spreading that mulch so you can be healthy to garden even more later. ;->

    That’s okay Frances. I know how that goes, I think I had a typo in my comment on your post this morning. Need more coffee….:) My son & his girlfriend were helping yesterday with the mulching so it went faster.


  4. Thanks for the early morning giggle … I would say she looks vigilant!

    YW Mom! 😛 I’m glad I could brighten your morning a little or should I say Spaz did!


  5. Spaz looks VERY regal indeed with that position in ‘her” garden. I hope she remembers to give you a polite nod in your direction in appreciation of your work keeping her paradise in such good shape ! LOL ..

    Thanks Joy! I would be lucky if she even noticed me when she is focused in on something. lol She thinks if she sits that still the critters won’t see her, sometimes it works. Most of the time they know she is there. 🙂


  6. So cute! We have a rescued greyhound “Charm” who loves to promenade in the garden. She stays on the paths and never digs. If she cuts through the flowers with me, she’s so careful not to step on anything. She’s a bit prissy for a dog! LOL We sometimes call here “Miss Manners”. Cameron

    Thanks Cameron! All my pets are rescues. You’re lucky that Charm is so well behaved in the garden. Spaz does step around my plants, but she’s a digger. 🙂 Greyhounds are quite prissy with their long legs & their delicate stride. How cute that you call her “Miss Manners”.


  7. I would call Spaz regal looking too. Very still indeed for a Jack Russell! I have BJ who always has to have me throw the ball when I garden. Sometimes I hide his silly ball so he’ll leave me alone. Then I feel guilty because he is beside himself looking for the tennis ball. Can’t tell you how many are buried in the garden!

    Thanks Tina. She does look quite noble when she sits alert like that. Poor BJ, just wants to play with Momma in the garden and she hides his ball. lol That is too funny Tina. My Beagle buries her rawhide bones in the garden and they get all soggy & dirty. Then she digs them up occasionally & wants to bring them in the house. Yuck! 😛


  8. Ooh, I wish I could borrow Spaz. Not only would she add the finishing touch to my garden, but the thought of her keeping my squirrels in line is very entertaining.

    Thanks Victoria. She is amusing to us if not the squirrels. lol 🙂


  9. He does look like a little statue! What a sweet puppy.
    No gardening for me this weekend–Ike is sending us some rain and wind.

    Thanks Linda. Spaz is a very sweet dog, just very energetic. 🙂 I hope your garden survives the rain & winds.


  10. Jack has been busy too. He loves to watch for mice or squirrels then run after them and all that fun doggie stuff(-: We have been having rabbits in the yard lately too so of course he is very interested in that. Arent they fun to watch(-:

    Sounds like Jack & Spaz are two of a kind. 🙂 I have mice, squirrels & birds. The rabbits don’t come in my yard anymore, because of the privacy fence & dogs. They are a trip Cindee.


  11. I have a very territorial Lhasa Apso that helps me out in the garden. He has a few digging issues but other than that I love his company. I can’t imagine gardening without an animal by my side whether it’s a cat or a dog. Great photo of your dog & flower bed.

    Then you know where I’m coming from Kathleen, lol. Spaz likes to dig too, but so far no major damage. Thanks so much. My pets are part of the family & they enjoy the garden too.


  12. Our cat stays inside, but he does watch the chipmunks quite intently, while they scamper on the deck!

    I bet those chipmunks make the cat crazy Cindy. lol Thanks for visiting.


  13. That is such a cute picture! She really does look like a statue guarding your yard. I love how her ears are cocked! So cute!! 🙂

    Thanks Cynthia. She is such a ham lately when it comes to pictures. Everytime I’m trying to take a picture in the garden she manages to get in the shot. 🙂


  14. Posted by greenwalks on September 13, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    Maybe some artist-type could make a statue of Spaz for those of us who garden without squirrel-scaring companions!?!
    – Karen


  15. A fun post after all your hard work. We all need moments like this to re-group. Perhaps you can have a cast of Spaz in cement!

    Thanks Joey. I was back working hard again in the garden today. 🙂 Now that would be cool to get a cast of Spaz in cement! I think she would be beside herself. lol


  16. A lovely ornament! 🙂 (I like this template, too!)

    Thanks Nancy. 🙂 I’m happy with this template too, I just had to play around until I found one that suited me best.


  17. What garden art-looks so real! 🙂 Aren’t dogs funny when it come sto their yard? So protective. I am sure he is a great helper.

    Thanks Beckie. lol They are very territorial when it comes to other animals, not so much people. Some watch dogs they are, lol. She thinks she is a great help to Mom, sometimes not so much. 🙂


  18. What a pretty corner bed! So full and lush! Spaz is just tooo cute! My kitties help me garden, following me around and entertaining me while I ‘work’.


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